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Manhattan Special Economic Zone (MSEZ) is the leading developer responsible for the construction, operation, and industrial land leasing services in the Special Economic Zones of Cambodia. With years of professional experience and a deep understanding of the local market, we offer diverse services and can assist clients in engaging in thorough communication and coordination with various levels of the Cambodian government, ensuring prompt and precise completion of all application and approval processes related to relevant projects.

Our professional team provides clients with comprehensive solutions, and our main services are as follows:

  1. End-to-end services for industry establishment in Cambodia.
  2. Short-term and long-term land leasing in the Manhattan Special Economic Zone.
  3. Factory construction projects: EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) or construction services.
  4. Collaborative development of residential, office, commercial, entertainment, and wellness projects.
  5. Handling applications for various types of Special Economic Zones or industrial new town establishments.
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MSEZ Regional Introduction

Developed Industrial Zone (300 hectares)

The developed industrial zone in MSEZ spans approximately 300 hectares, tailored to meet various scales and industry needs. The industrial zone is equipped with necessary infrastructure and facilities, including reliable power and water supply, sewage treatment, and waste disposal.

Multi-functional Technology Development Zone (15-20 hectares)

MSEZ’s Multi-functional Technology Development Zone spans 15-20 hectares. It is designed for industries such as green energy, environmental protection, and high-tech. The zone is also planning to develop multi-level office-factory buildings, providing a new stage for innovation and entrepreneurial industries to flourish.

Medical Facilities and Educational Facilities Zone (5-10 hectares)

The zone plans to collaborate with renowned medical service providers and educational institutions to offer a place for future park and community residents to receive quality education, enhance professional skills through vocational training centers, and establish a healthcare center for residents’ well-being and healing.

Standard Industrial Factory Zone (10 hectares)

The concept of MSEZ’s Standard Industrial Factory Zone is designed to meet the needs of companies seeking cost-effective and efficient solutions for their manufacturing requirements. Our Standard Industrial Factory Zone offers a range of ready-to-use factory units equipped with necessary infrastructure and facilities, allowing for immediate occupancy and rapid production.

High-tech Medical Industry Park (20 hectares)

MSEZ is anchored by the RMKH Nitrile Glove Factory, which opened in 2022, serving as the centerpiece of the zone. It offers a state-of-the-art high-tech Medical Industry Park, spanning 20 hectares, suitable for medical, PPE, and healthcare industry establishments.

Residential Area (25-30 hectares)

The residential area in MSEZ aims to enhance the lives of the park community by providing comfortable, affordable, and sustainable housing options. The residential area is equipped with essential infrastructure and amenities. It includes facilities such as sports and fitness centers, retail supermarkets, dining and shopping options, as well as recreational amenities.

Commercial Plaza Zone (20 hectares)

This central Commercial Plaza Zone will feature a comprehensive business complex encompassing retail shopping, entertainment and leisure facilities, commercial offices, exhibition events, and transportation hubs. The central avenue will offer abundant waterfront greenery, providing year-round recreational and entertainment activities.


zoning for MSEZ (1)

MSEZ 2.0: Special Economic Zone Expansion and Development Plan

Zoning Plan

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