Largest special economic zone in Cambodia

Manhattan Special Economic Zone


Manhattan Special Economic Zone Land Development

Plant lease and sale

1、There are factories for lease in the industrial zone
2、Customized by customers, built in special economic zones and rented out to customers

Industrial Land Lease and Sale

1、Industrial land lease, the owner is responsible for the three links and one leveling of the leased and sold land.
2、Sale of industrial land, the owner assists in the registration and registration of the enterprise.

Commercial land lease and cooperation

1、Commercial Land Lease in Manhattan Special Economic Zone.
2、Cooperate with the special zone to develop commercial plazas, schools, hospitals, residences, villas, etc., to build Bacheng business center and border prosperous area.

Plant Construction Services

The Manhattan Special Economic Zone has plant construction qualifications and a professional engineering and technical team. Standard factory buildings, dormitories, and office buildings all have historical cases for visits at any time.

Complete one-stop rental service

Cambodia's largest special economic zone

The Manhattan Special Economic Zone was established in 2005. Prime Minister Hun Sen personally cut the ribbon. It is the first and largest special economic zone in Cambodia. It covers an area of 400 hectares and has 36,000 employees. It exports more than 3,000 containers per month, accounting for Cambodia’s total national exports. 6% of the total.  MSEZ ranks first in export volume of all industrial zones.

In addition to basic facilities such as water, electricity, fire protection, roads, greening, environment, and sewage treatment, the special zone also has high-standard supporting facilities such as banks, employee service centers, Chinese restaurants, and garden hotels. Since its establishment, more than 30 well-known brand manufacturers such as Adidas, Uniqlo, ASICS, Puma, and Skycaps have invested in and gradually expanded their production scale.

The special zone is 80 kilometers away from the Ho Chi Minh deep-water port, and the import and export of goods is convenient. At the same time, it is located at the place where the main road between Phnom Penh and Ho Chi Minh must pass. It is the three cargo fortresses of China, Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh), and Cambodia (Phnom Penh). Great location, great potential.

Prime Minister Hun Sen Cutting The Ribbon
Special Administrative Region Gate
Grand Opening of RMKH Glove Cambodia in the Manhattan Special Economic Zone in Svay Rieng province’s Bavet town on September 30
Dr. Hong Mane Cuts The Ribbon At RMKH Glove Factory
MSEZ 地理位置
Geographical Location of MSEZ

MSEZ New Park Development Plan

In addition to land leasing services, we also provide plant construction EPC and engineering construction services. We have a professional team of engineers who can provide customers with a full range of architectural design, engineering planning, logistics management and other services to ensure that projects can be completed efficiently and accurately.

We work with clients across industries

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